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Description: High quality 70% hand sanitizer made in the USA. Sizes range from travel size to bulk gallon sizes. Very clean smelling, no harsh oders.

Welcome to the Thevitafactory.com Affiliate Program!


We manufacture high-quality health and beauty products. Our flagship product VitaHands Hand Sanitizer is an excellent choice to help your hands clean and healthy.

With limited supply over the span of the epidemic and so many inferior brands suffocating the Internet, we knew we could contribute a higher quality product, made in the USA with an FDA approved formula in an FDA registered facility, that does not degrade your skin over time.


Earn 15.00% commission on every sale.
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We are proud of the service that we are providing to our customers and we look forward to partnering!

Should you have any questions or comments about our affiliate program or anything else, please feel free to contact us at thevitafactory@gmail.com.

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(US$) 15.00% Per Salethevitafactory
The Vita Factory
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHand Sanitizer
VitaHands Hand Sanitizer Made in the USA in an FDA approved facility
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHand Sanitizer
The Vita Factory Hand Sanitizer Company
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleSanitizer
The Vita Factory Hand Sanitizer is perfect for personal use in-home or on-the-go!
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleVitaHands
Keep your hands clean and moisturized with The Vita Factory hands sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHand Sanitizer
High-Quality Hand Sanitizer that Kills 99.99% of Most Germs
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleSanitizer
High-Quality Hand Sanitizer Infused with Aloe + Vitamin E
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleDispenser
Automatic Touchless Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHealthy Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleKeep your hands
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleBest Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleQuality Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHand Clean
(US$) 15.00% Per Sale70% alcohol sanitize
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleSanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleTouchless Dispenser
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleVitamin E Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHand Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleThevitafactory
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleVitaHands Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleAutomatic Dispenser
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleVitamin Sanitizer
(US$) 15.00% Per SaleHalloween Sale

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